Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hero Product - Bio Oil...

Oh Bio-Oil, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...from the top...

  • Eye make-up remover. Removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, and is moisturising.
  • Eye Cream/Oil- Thank you Kim K for this tip. Massage Bio-Oil into your orbital bone to keep wrinkles and lines at bay. I have been trying this morning, noon and night since Kim announced that this is how she stays line free and I have definitely noticed an improvement  (FYI-I am only 26 so I don't really have any wrinkles but I have noticed 'laughter lines' starting to appear around my eye area and really want to nip them in the bud - I feel it definitely helps minimise them)
  • Eye Lash Moisturiser-I have started to coat my eyelashes in Bio-Oil every night with just whatever is left on my finger after using it around my eye area. They definitely feel softer and I like how my mascara applies the following morning. Keep an eye (see what I did there) on the amount you actually use on your eyelashes. Less is definitely more here as too much could clog your tear ducts and you will wake up looking like you have gone 20 rounds with Mike Tyson.
  • Lip Moisturiser- Rub a little into your lips before you go to bed and you will definitely notice a difference after a few days. Lips will be softer and this is a great treat for your lips when it is so freaking cold outside. Dry, chapped lips be gone.
  • Cuticle Oil-I use it on my cuticles every morning and night, and if I could carry it in my handbag (I always buy the biggest bottle) I would be constantly applying it in the office and on my commute. My cuticles get so dry and banged up looking in winter with the cold air and central heating that this is actually a miracle oil. I layer it on my cuticles (don't forget your tootsies girls and boys) last thing at night and rub a smaller amount in after my morning shower. The difference in my cuticles is ri-DIC-ulous. This is pretty much an instant cuticle healer. Within two days your cuticles will be back looking in great shape and you will no longer have to hide them. I like to rub it over the whole nail and I have started to get so many compliments on my nails since I started doing this that I can only imagine there is some magic nail ingredient in each bottle. ( Don't quote me on this)
  • Shaving Oil - I have only recently started using Bio Oil as a shaving oil but is is freaking brilliant. Lightly dampen your legs, rub a small bit of Bio-Oil on them (you will be surprised how little you need to cover your whole leg), throw a little more water on there and away you go. You may find that you have to rinse your razor more often as you are using an oil and it could clog a bit more. This is such a great moisturising way to shave your legs. I personally get really dry skin on my shins from shaving my legs and in-grown hairs on my calf muscles, I found that this really helps combat both. I do recommend incorporating it with my next point though.
  • Leg Oil- The original reason I bought Bio-Oil was for my legs, but I am so glad I got creative with it and found all these different uses. Who doesn't love a multi use product eh? As I said above I used to get really bad dry, flaking skin on my shins and in grown hairs on my calf's from shaving. Using Bio-Oil really helped eliminate both of these problems. I was also self conscious of stretch marks that I have on my calf's, thighs, hips and my boo-tae. A friend initially recommended it to me to help smooth out my skin and it sooooo works. It does not get rid of them but it definitely helps to make them less noticeable.  It also works wonders on scars and helps to reduce the pigmentation if you have some bad scars.
I cannot recommend Bio-Oil enough which is why is it my Hero product (dat-da-da-dahhhhhhhhh). This year I am all about de-cluttering my life which includes my beauty cabinet, I love that this product has so many uses. I am sure you all have other uses for it, which I would love to hear.

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