Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank God for Tea Tree

Omg I have come out in one of my worst breakouts that I can remember!! I was never one to have spots but for the past month I have had such a bad breakout! I have really started to feel the pain acne sufferers must go through as it is such a knock to your confidence.  I rarely wear make-up during my day-to-day life and I found it really hard to go out the door, feeling that everyone was staring at me! Normally how I look doesn't really bother me, but all I could think about was the spots on my face the whole time! Acne sufferers you now have my sympathy and my understanding!! I always heard that tea tree is great for helping get rid of spots so for the past ten days I have gone tea tree crazy!I hotfooted it down to Boots and I got Boots Tea-Tree and Witch Hazel Cleanser and Toner, and Peel Off Mask (2 for €7.50,nice and easy on the pocket)  have been going around dabbing the cleanser/toner on my spots morning, noon and night! It is just a miracle cure, it has cleared up my skin lovely!! I still am getting spots on my chin which is apparently to do with your liver??!! but I can deal with having just a few!! And I'm still dabbing away!

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