Monday, May 18, 2009

Designer Collection for High Street

I have been trying to hunt down the beautiful yellow silk kaftan that Matthew Williamson included as part of his summer collecton for H&M.  Included in the campaign photos and modelled by the stunning Daria Werbowy, it is one of the most recognisable pieces and therefore sold out in minutes!! I have been trawling through ebay daily looking for this piece at a reasonable price, and  I am just sickened to see how many people are actually going out to snap up the collection and then flog it on Ebay at extortionate prices!! I am getting really sick of this practise, the exact same thing happens with Kate Moss for Topshop.  I just think it is so unfair and it really is daylight robbery! It takes the fun out of it for me! Having had to buy his sequin dress from his H&M Spring collection off Ebay, I couldn't believe how many pieces from the collection that this particular seller had! I still paid the same price as I would have had I bought it in the H&M store luckily enough because I was absolutley in love with this dress! Having seen it previewed in Vogue on a flight to Milan I knew then & there that I had to have it, but in these tough times I was not going to pay twice the price for it! The gorgeous parrot dress worn at the launch by the stunning Helena Christensen is selling upwards of €100 right now!! Anyhu enough about my ranting!! How gorgeous were both his collections?? He is absolutely one of my favourite designers and I was literally counting down the days, and scouring the internet for more information about him, I planned it like a mission!!  I am just crazy about my sequins dress and spend most of my time in my bedroom just watching it hang, and admiring its beauty!! When you see it up close and see how much work and detail that has been put into it, €220 for it is such a freakin bargain!! :)

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