Friday, May 22, 2009

The Want...

I have the want for a new bag. I spotted it in Brown Thomas last week, picked it up, nonchalantly throwing it over my shoulder whilst walking to the mirror and then ****BAM**** I fell in love with it! Now I have the want, and I have it bad!!It's an absolute beaut, but pricey, even though I have been working out all the ways I could use it, like everyday to college and then it's a case of cost per use really (cost of bag divided by number of times said bag would be used = cost per use). This is my way of justifying ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and accessories!! Take for example my Marc Jacobs bag I bought in New York at the start of the year, I have used that bag every single day exclusively since I bought it, with my magic cost per use method this bag has already paid itself off!! And I haven't bought another bag since, I know shocking, but this is why I am in the market for a new bag! Anyhu my new want is the Mulberry Roxanne (perfect for college!!) in Lipstick pink!! It is an absolute classic, and the shade of pink is so delicious I could lick it!! So imagine my delight when I get an email saying have 30 % off all shoes and bags, only to discover on the website all bags except Mulberry bags! :( So now I shall wait for the sales and hope there is a 70% reduction on my beautiful bag, or maybe just keep searching ebay because I just can't spend €750 on a pink bag, even if it is a classic!

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