Friday, June 12, 2009

New shoooooooeess!!!

Aren't these gorgeous. I just spotted them on! Well actually that's a lie, I spotted these cute cream mary-janes a few weeks ago. But I am starting to drop hints to my boyfriend for these as a birthday pressie!! Now his birthday's over it's time for me to start compiling my list!! I think they are so pretty!! They are so ladylike and definitely a classic, and as for that heel!! Gorgeous!! They remind me of cupcakes for some reason! Random I know!!

I did just see these black ones though, and I think they are a pretty good budget looky-likey of the Stella McCartney basket mesh shoes! Obviously 'inspired' by them!! :) They are really cool, I didn't like the Stella's at first but they are really starting to grow on me now summer is here!! They are both by Pied a Terre if anyone is interested!! Sorry still feeling terrible after the flu, still not over it yet, so postings may be few and far between!! Sorry xx

1 comment:

  1. the 2 shoes are lovely and both have their own charms!! get them BOTH!!=) thanks for your comment dear hope to see you again soon..=)