Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Viva holidays......

Just arrived back from holidays today, am so glad we arrived back to super hot weather!! :) I was just checking my emails and am so glad to see that nearly everywhere is in sale but am disappointed to have missed the start of them!! There are some really good bargains about, I was checking out and and most things seem to be discounted by at least 40%, which is just music to my money poor ears! We went into Montpelier earlier in the week where I fell in love with a beautiful Ralph Lauren white blazer but I can't remember which one it is out of these two (whoops!!). I distinctly remember saying to my Mam that it had silk tie trim! I'm going to need my boyfriends help to figure out this puzzle! Anyhu to get to the point, it was €250, which I do think is pretty reasonable, it is a classic and frickin amazing!! But Gallerie Lafayette (amazing btw!!), the store it was in were getting ready for the sale which began today and I just couldn't bear the thought of paying €250 for it when a few days later it will be half price!! (Plus the store was closing, and my credit card bill is sky high thanks to a last minute pre-holiday purchase of Dior Glossy 1 sunnies, yay!) So alas, I left it there, with the boy echoing in my ear that it could be an early birthday present! Now my mission begins to track it down via a website or a store and get it on sale as I NEED IT!! All through our flight home I was discounting €250 by 40%, 50%, 60% and even 70% in a bid to cheer myself up!! I also entertained myself by inserting the blazer into outfits in my head!! Seeing as it is already in my mental wardrobe, I just need to track it down in person!! :) Finger's crossed!!

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