Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's nice to be back.....

Hi guys, I'm back! I have not blogged in like forever!! I was so busy with my internship and working that I just sort of lost my blogging energy! I guess I had other stuff to focus it on. Now my internship is over I'm back! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I dislocated my knee and spent all week hobbling round on crutches, and will be on them for the next few weeks! :( So Christmas was spent with in front of the television with one leg up and an ice pack on it!
Anyhuuuuuu, I've been looking for something to blog about but nothing really tickled my fancy until I saw these bad boys on . OhmiGod I love them!! Aren't they fab, they are so vintage-y! They really make me want 2 raid my Nana's closet for some strange reason! They are called the Edi platform shoe and are by D&G Dolce and Gabbana. They are reduced to €348 but are only left in a size 3 & 4. I am a size 7 so if anyone knows where I can get my hands on these PLEASE let me know! Even though I am not allowed to wear heels for the next few months because of my knee! I am so gutted because my boyfriend bought me these studded beauties for Christmas! I had all my outfits planned around them, and am just so sad that I can't wear them! I don't think they would look too good with my crutches! (",) Leave some comments guys, I've missed hearing from you! xx
Images from thehipgirlie and theshoegoddess


  1. nice choices in shoes!!

    please check out my blogs :)


  2. Aww no that sucks:(!!! Maybe u cud just carry the shoes around with u:)!!
    How did the internship go?? Did u get to work with John Redmond?

  3. welcome back! Hope you get back on your feet soon and get to enjoy your new shoes! x