Monday, March 8, 2010

Glossy Wonderland...

I just had to share some of my fave pic's with you from this months issue of The Gloss. It's a great magazine, as I have said before the Irish Times do serious fashion supplements!! The pieces from all of these shots are mainly high end pieces. Note the amazing Chanel shoes in the last picture, and the Alexis Bittar jewellery throughout! The yellow dress is by Victoria Beckham, and the shoes in the middle picture are Dior. The theme of the shoot was mixing up textures and patterns. I love the clash in the top picture, it works really well! Both pieces are from Ms Tory Burch. How cute are the little socks with the shoes?! Definitely a micro trend that has been bubbling under the surface for a few seasons now, me thinks I will be inspired by this shoot and wearing 'em until the weather gets warmer! BTW I love the fact that The Gloss now comes free with my Dad's daily newspaper! It means I no longer have to fork out €4.50 a month for it (",)


  1. can i just say: i love victoria beckhams clothing. fair play to her, im glad it's getting recognition in high end shoots. not overly directional, but simple, striking cuts and very flattering. also love socks and have to be careful to get the socks right though!

  2. i WANT those chanel shoes!!!!! Love the socks and shoes combo, must really try it out myself!

  3. cool pix - love that trench in the first pic