Friday, April 23, 2010

Something to Shade from...

Okay so I really feel like I need a treat! Every year around this time I treat myself to a gorgeous pair of sunglasses! This year however I decided that I was not going to buy myself a pair and instead would wear the gorgeous Dior one's I bought last year which are pretty classic to be fair and still look great! That was until I saw these beautiful Dior sunglasses in Belfast last month.
I tried them on and they looked great and well the palpitations started and I have been thinking of them ever since! I was very proud that I managed to walk away! I had sort of made an agreement with myself that if I did buy a pair of sunnies this year that they would be a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers because lets face it they are the ultimate in cool! Then about two weeks ago I spotted these gorgeous Ray-Bans which are part of the Ray-Ban Rare Prints collection. They are so sh*t cool and are so young and fun. I'd like to imagine myself wearing them to all of this summers festivals but lets face it I'll be buying a Penny's copy for €3 and wearing them instead! But I could see me wearing them to death this summer! To be fair if we get the weather I'd wear both of them to death this summer! I don't know which ones to get, so please help me out and give your opinions! I need a splurge to feel better! (",)_SequinsandBangles_xx


  1. To be honest, Im not one for splurging on sunnies as I know I'll more than likely lose them or sit on them!! Penneys do have some good fakes though:)!!


  2. Those raybans are amazing!I'm so clumsy with my sun glasses its not worth shelling out on something i'm just going to break!

  3. I say go for the Ray-Bans. They are a classic in any color, and I am always a fan of purple :) I am assuming they are a little easier on the wallet, as well, since you didn't want to spend anything in the first place.