Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Netbook or not to Netbook...

So that's the question! (",) Having a broken collarbone has just proved to me how much I need to get a new netbook! I was torn between the gorgeous HP x Vivienne Tam "Butterfly Lover's" clutch or the super cute and so pretty in pink, purple and white Dell Mini 10 laptop. I have been thinking of getting one of the above since I got back into blogging, and now I definitely need one seeing as I can only use one arm and sitting in front of my computer is so painful right now :( How amazing would it be to blog from my bed with a lovely light laptop! That is where I have been spending most of my time over the past week and it's where I predict I will be spending most of the next 5 weeks! I think I have watched most of my DVD collection at this stage!
So it was while watching Sex and the City I remembered how much I loved this outfit. Carrie wears it when she is returning books to the public library and realises you can get married there! Anyhu before my terrible tumble I had been on the hunt for the perfect military inspired vest/ cute short jacket. Right now the waistcoat would be the comfiest option for moi! And this is how I would wear it!
God I can ramble!! That actually took me ages to type with one hand :) Has anyone seen any cute strapless tops in store?? It's all I can wear right now with this crazy ass brace and they are so freakin hard to find! Any advice would be sooooo appreciated! Thanks guys!! Much Love (",)_SequinsandBangles_xx


  1. oh this sounds so painful hope it is starting to heal,

    I forgot how much i loved that outfit 2,roll on the next film!


  2. Dont get upset, i hope everything will be okay soon, i am also looking forward for more updates from your side.