Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to Wear on a First Date....

In light of Valentines Day coming up I decided to do a what to wear on a first date post. I had in mind maybe a restaurant or a bar date when I was putting together these looks but I suppose you could wear the more casual all saints shrug, topshop cami, jeans and heels to grab a coffee with someone or on a cute Sunday date in the park! Hope you like em! P.S.-sometimes I use more expensive pieces when I can't find something cheaper, it is just for inspiration though, if you can find something similar to it at a cheap price then grab it! Hehe! (",)

Eider Shrug
$133 - allsaints.com
Shrug tops »

$50 - aldoshoes.com
Beaded shoes »

$24 - aldoshoes.com
Rhinestone clutches »

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