Saturday, February 12, 2011

What to Wear to an Interview....

For those job hunters lucky enough to get called to interview it can be an absolute crisis trying to find something to wear. Below is a little Polyvore that I done up of pieces and outfits that I would wear to an interview. Obviously it depends on which industry you are going into, if I was going for a business interview and I wanted to be taken seriously I would wear a suit. But if I was going for a fashion industry interview I think it is okay to let your general style and personality come across. Dress the same way as you would dress every day at work.

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Sometimes it is just easier (and less stressful) to pick a dress, but there are some rules to bear in mind. Rule number 1 being, nothing above your knee. Sitting on top of your knee is fine but girls mid thigh is just not a good daytime look! Number 2, I would go for a no cleavage approach and would probably wear 3/4 length sleeves too. Really this is just to keep it professional.
When it comes to shoes DO NOT wear open toe shoes. Closed toe are the only ones you should be wearing. Do not be tempted to wear your highest heels. A simple court shoe or ankle boot will generally suffice. If you normally wear flats then wear flats! I like these floral heels though because they do add a bit of personality to your outfit (fashion jobs only!).
I think it is okay to wear a fitted denim or check shirt to an interview, if you have a beautiful peachy well fitting blazer to go over 'em. Pair em up with black skinny trousers or some skinny cargo trousers and you have a cute, professional on-trend interview look!

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