Thursday, May 24, 2012

What to Wear to a Jubilee Party

The gorgeous and not British (whoops!) songstress Imelda May is going to serve as our icon, from her victory rolls to her love of all things vintage, this is the look you should be trying to emulate for a Jubilee Party.  They don't come around very often, so the main thing is to have fun with your outfit.

There are a few essentials to dressing for a Jubilee Party.

A) Wear Red, White and Blue

You need to wear your national colours.  Just don't go all Geri Halliwell and turn up in an Union Jack dress.  While we're here you should also wear British, whether this is from one of Britain's top designers, their world renowned high street retailers or your local charity shop, do not even think of wearing anything else!

B) Fifties/Vintage style dresses

You are trying to emulate the queen here as well as celebrate the decade she was inaugurated in, so nipped in waists, fit and flare dresses and poodle skirts are all key to this look.  Femininity is key so trousers are a big no-no!

C) A headpiece of some sort

Maybe you want to wear a tiara, maybe you want to wear a pillbox hat.  Whatever you do, do remember to dress your head, even if it is with victory rolls like Miss May.

D) Jewels!

Come on! The Queen is your fashion icon today.  Today is the day you can go crazy with oversized jewels, costume jewellery and diamonds and get away with it!

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