Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loving: Hello Kitty Air, Eva Air

Omg how cute is this airline? Taiwanese airline Eva Air has collaborated with Hello Kitty to makeover three of their planes.  These will only fly Asian routes, where Hello Kitty is hugely popular.  So popular in fact that she is actually an Ambassador for Japanese tourism.  That is a great feat for someone who weighs 3 apples and only stands 5 apples tall!

I love how they have totally themed these planes, that everything has been given a Hello Kitty makeover, even the food and headrests! And I just love those check in kiosks!

I think this is such a fun idea and a great marketing concept, can you imagine how many teenage Asian girls are going to want to fly with this airline now.  I know I do!  



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  1. This is so nice!! what do you say about following each other?;)