Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What to Wear When Flying.......

I am a week away from holidaying in the south of France(yay!!) and the panic of 'what will I wear on the plane' has already set in!! It kicked in a few days ago but my random June flu riddled body was too weak to even care!! :) It's hard to know what to wear when flying from a pretty cold country to somewhere that is high in the 30's (80's Fahrenheit). First of all if you wear something to deal with Irish weather, then the minute the plane door opens on your arrival, you are going to be seriously overheating. French weather is intense!! Last summer when we went it was high in the 40's!!! Intense! Or if you choose to dress for French weather when boarding the plane, ten minutes into the flight when air-conditioning kicks in, you are seriously going to regret it!! Even as someone who always brings a blanket on planes ( cos they're so frickin cold!!), if you have bare legs, it just ain't enough!! And if your flying in America you run the risk of being tossed off a flight like that poor Kyla Ebbert girl, for being dressed too skimpily!! Luckily that doesn't really happen over here!! Secondly, you should be comfortable on a flight, no skinny jeans, because once you're airborne, your body expands and they will be seriously digging into your sides!! Not pleasant when stuck on a plane! Cashmere, me thinks, is a necessity and something I have always wanted to bring on flights, cashmere socks or a cardi or even a blanket!! They are definitely on my 'to buy' list, I just never get around to buying them!!

While browsing Stella McCartney's resort collection on style.com, I came up with two looks that I think are just perfect for flying!! The first if you are brave enough to face the cold air-conditioning, is a play suit. It won't crease during the flight, it'll be perfect for when you step off the flight! And it is really stylish this season! The second one, the pic just above this paragraph, I really think is the perfect outfit for flying, and one I think I'm going to try to recreate for next week's flight. Isn't it beautiful?? So elegant and stylish and comfortable (yayyyy!!). Hareem pants I think are perfect for travelling in, see fashion isn't always uncomfortable!! They are loose and still look really stylish! A friend of mine wore them back from Greece last year and she was soooo comfy in them, and she kept rubbing it in!! Obviously it is not recommended that you wear heels on a flight firstly because it's a hazard if there was an emergency and you had to use the slides, and secondly your feet swell so not too comfortable!! I really think I've cracked the perfect flying outfit with this one, or actually Stella has! Love to know what you think on this one :) xx



  1. Two very different but lovely looks, cute!

  2. I had the same thought last day when I had to take the flight for my break...I decide for a nice cotton dress in grey, leggins, flat and a very large blue cotton scarf , because, as you know, on the flight is always freezing!!!