Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mary Katrantzou

Going through my folder of magazine tears for college I came across a little piece I had pulled out about new designers at London Fashion Week A/W09. I remember one designers working really jumping out at me, and that was the photo of one of Mary Katrantzou's dresses. Her prints are just amazing, they really are an optical illusion. This was Katrantzou's first showing at London after her graduate show from Central St Martin's. She uses a computer to create her prints, which are just so fluid and 3D looking. I really think they are amazing, and I could look at them for hours!

She showed again at last month's London Fashion Week with a much bigger crowd, and here below are just some images I pulled from her catwalk show! This is definitely a designer to watch out for in the near future! I think if I owned one of her gorgeous dresses I would hang it on the wall like art and stare at it all day!

(All images are from
Aren't they fabulous?? I would love to hear everyone's opinion on these looks! :)


  1. omg those first few give such a great illusion of a tiny waist! I love it!

  2. The silhouettes are amazing. Great illusion.

  3. Hey you! I've just read your comment on Cupcakesandcashmere, and I thought it was so funny!
    So I give our french girl's secret:

    Un petit-déjeuner de Rois
    Uun déjeuner de Prince
    Un dîner de Gueux...

    It means that you can eat like a King (queen) for breakfast, like a Prince (princess) for lunch, but before you go to sleep, just a soup or something very very light, like poor people...

    See what I mean?
    See you!!


  4. all those colors are fascinating, the patterns are a little bit irritating at first sight though!
    but no doubt, i love the uniqueness of this collection <3