Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MyWardrobe Sale

Sale time is generally my favourite time of year, I love being able to buy things I have been drooling over all season, especially designer pieces! This season however is a bit different for me. I have not been to one sale or even purchased one thing. This was my first unemployed Christmas and it was TOUGH! I have never had so little money in my life or had to do so much scrimping and saving. I actually cannot wait to get a job, I am so looking forward to the prospect of becoming employed again this year that I have been scouring websites looking for pieces I would love to spend imagined earnings on and what would I wear to an interview if I got called! Sad, but internet browsing has replaced window shopping for me because it is just to hard to walk into a store and know you can't or shouldn't be buying anything. Anyhuuuuuuu step forward who has a sale on of up to 70%. What I would generally do during the sales would be to hum and hah over pieces I had been eyeballing all season like these Kurt Geiger Glam Black Leather Platforms (Which I think I actually blogged about earlier this season) which are reduced from €288 to €86.40. Bargain!! I would definitely be purchasing these if I had the moolah and these bad boys which I knowed I blogged about because I am MAD aboout these Sam Edelman Torin Wedges reduced from €235.20 to €117.60 These would definitely be in my basket, I seriously have to talk myself out of sicking them on my poor overstretched credit card! During saletime I love picking up luxe items at a cheaper price, items that you will constantly use that you will have forever and that will always look good, like this beautiful belted trench from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel reduced from €633.60 to €316.80 this fabulous Tibi Belted Faux Fur Coat reduced from €987.60 to €493.20 or this gorgeous Riley Officer coat from ALICE by Temperley reduced from €528 to €264. I definitely think it is such a good time to invest in coats and accessories such as these beautiful pieces from House of Harlow 1960 which are both 50% off and are reduced to a reasonable €46.80 and €38.40 respectively.

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