Monday, June 29, 2009

Interview with Rachel Phipps, Lipstick Royalty Editor

Last week I done an interview with Rachel Phipps, editor of Lipstick Royalty, a pretty cool online fashion magazine, about her love for fashion!

So tell me a little bit about Lipstick Royalty?

Lipstick Royalty magazine is a free, online and student run Fashion, Art, Music and Lifestyle available as a .pdf download every month from I started the magazine in December 2007, and it was originally going to be a fashion blog. I got some writers for it and it turned into a fully fledged graphic magazine. We've only just launched the .pdf format; that's our new look with the new website. The first .pdf issue is on August 1st, but we have a online shopping guide currently out as well!

Where do you find inspiration for your magazine?

Everywhere. From people on the street, blogs, shops, people we work with like photographers and models; I think like an artist rather than a scientist or a strategist so I see potential in anything and everything!

Which five people, dead or alive would you love to have at a dinner party?

Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Empress Lady Yenolah of China, William Shakespeare and Hugh Laurie. Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII because I'm obsessed with the 16th Century and they are two of the most fascinating monarchs from that period. Lady Yenolah, or Empress Orchid was the last empress of China and lived through three emperors, her husband, son and stepson. She fascinates me because on the international stage she was mad out to be maybe responsible for the death of all the monarchs around her, but weighing up the evidence I don't think she was. William Shakespeare because I love his plays, especially The Merchant of Venice, and Hugh Laurie because he's an amazing actor and I think he's a really interesting person.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Topshop. I don't like being the same as everyone else but I can find I get some good staples there to mix in with stuff I get from boutiques and independent retailers. After Topshop it has to be a boutique near me called Armoire, with gorgeous day dresses from designers such as Mina, Orian and Darimeya. I was doing a photo shoot in November and it was like the best thing ever that the owner, Sophie let me use dresses from her stock!

Where do you find inspiration for your own style?

I don't think I really have a style, or an inspiration; I juts wear clothes I like! But I seem to sway towards dresses, a lot of black/ silver glam rock, and some quite preppy, tailored classic cuts.

Who are your favourite style icons?

Leighton Meester. If my general style had to be defined (which I don't think it can be!) it would be a perfect combination of the put together classic preppy looks she wears when she plays Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, and Leighton's everyday, more casual approach to matters look!

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

This black lotus bloom dress from Mina. It was the first dress I ever brought from that boutique, Armoire I mentioned and I love it to bits; I've worn it so much! I don't wear it ALL the time but when i was filming for Channel 4's Battlefront project the director joked I only wore one dress because on the final show it looks like I'm always wearing the same dress but with different coat/ jacket/ tights/ leggings/ tank top/ boots/ shoes combos. Its so versatile and goes with almost everything I own as a summer and winter dress! And I will remember it as the first dress I ever wore to fashion week! Now I have to talk about my favorite evening dress... I count them as a completely different wardrobe (I'm a sucker for dresses!) Pale gold, strapless puffball party dress with a black sash from Gina Bacconi's Pink Label. The most gorgeous feeling fabric on the planet!

If money was no object, what one item would you buy?

Brown leather Mulberry Messenger bag, I think its from A/W 08 but they still sell it everywhere. Not because I'd use it as a handbag; its the perfect size for my Mac Book and it would make the ultimate chic laptop bag!

Where is your favourite place in the whole wide world?

Canterbury City, where I grew up and where my school is. I'm not religious but the Cathedral is my favorite building in the world.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

New York or LA. They are both so similar but so different I don't know how I would choose if I could!

Ten years time where do you see yourself?

No idea. But I know it will be doing something creative, either writing or photography.

Lipstick Royalty magazine can be downloaded every month from

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