Friday, June 26, 2009

Owl Much??

How cute is this owl purse by Judith Leiber?? It can be found on and retails for a jaw dropping €4376!! It is gorgeous but over €4000, come on now people we're in the middle of a global recession, who forks out four grand for a owl shaped bag!! Even if it is swarovski crystal embellished, it is pretty frickin pricey!! The best thing is, is that net a porter have set up a waiting list to cope with the demand!! I do love quirky and I do love sparkly things so too me this is just heaven but how often can you wear an owl shaped purse?? I would rather buy two Chanel 2.55's to be honest and have change left over!! It is so pretty though!!



  1. Oooooohh Sparkles! Jayne

  2. my thoughts exactly. who would buy this? it's uber cute though.

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  3. They say there is a buyer for everything but I find it hard to believe when I see this. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. xx