Friday, June 5, 2009

Toodles Mossy

Unfortunately I had to return my red Kate Moss for Topshop sundress yesterday! I popped it on for the first time the night before and am I glad I did. The proportions on this dress were so off, it looked awful on me! Firstly it was too short, and it puffed out making hips look huge!! I am quite tall and slim like Kate, but who does she think is going to leave the house showing off their ass?? Secondly, the plunge was just sooo frickin low which threw off the waist leaving it just hanging in the wrong place, and it was too big! Now that I'm looking at the picture, I can see that is doesn't look that great on the mannequin! I have to say I was really disappointed by it because I generally love her collections, but the dresses are always ridiculously short!! I'm not surprised that this one hasn't been as successful as her last ones. The huge rush that we generally see seems to have died down, and not many off her pieces have sold out! I am actually really disappointed because I wanted to buy this dress in the Liberty print version which I think is just beautiful, pity about the shape! :(

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