Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giles Deacon for Cadburys Giveaway!!

I am soooo late with this post, I meant to blog about this on Monday, whoopsie!! Anyhu I'm sure that most of you are aware that British designer of the moment Giles Deacon has been commissioned to design a limited edition scarf for the launch of Cadburys Caramel Nibbles! The scarf if being launched on Friday but I have been given one to give away to one of my lovely readers! All you have to do is email me your name and I will randomly select one lucky person's name from my (Philip Treacy!) hat on Saturday so hurry up and start emailing!! :) Giles Deacon explained his inspiration for the scarf: “I was really excited to get a call from the Cadbury Caramel Bunny about her new range. After creating the fabulous Nibbles dress for the launch of her new treats, we chatted about being able to offer her fans a piece of caramel couture. Scarves are a wardrobe must this season and the fact that her new Nibbles Collection replicates polka dots shows how stylish and trendy the Bunny is!”
To get your very own piece of the Caramel Nibbles Collection, you should visit where a limited number of scarves will be available for free, from the Cadbury Caramel Nibbles Boutique digital pop up shop. I have to say I love this idea, when I was younger my favourite chocolate bar was (it still is if I'm buying a chocolate bar!) Cadburys Caramel! At Easter my house would be a shrine to caramel bars and eggs, and I loved the Caramel bunny! So I'm really excited to see this fun relaunch they have come up with! And I love scarves so they have combined a few of my favourite things! I personally am DYING to get my paws on one of these little gems, so make sure you email and enter you lucky things! Now excuse me while I go out and buy a bar of Cadburys Caramel.....(",)

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