Monday, November 9, 2009

The Last Debutantes

I'm soooo sorry I have been the worst blogger ever these past few weeks!! I was in London last week and I have been organising an internship in a buying office which I start tomorrow, yayyyy!! D-R-E-A-M!! Cannot wait!! :) Anyhu back to London, while I was there I went to this really cool exhibition in Kensington Palace called The Last Debutantes. If like me you are enamoured with the fifty's and how it seemed to be such a elegant romantic decade then you need to go see this exhibition. It was amazing!! It takes you through everything a debutante did, from teaching you to dance the waltz, to how to curtsy to how to walk properly, and it has some of the actual dresses and suits that were worn to the deb's balls. There are some beautiful examples of vintage Dior and Balmain. Apparently if it was to take place now it would cost each girls family £110,000!! Imagine! I wish it did still take place, it all seems so magical! :)


  1. What a cool exhibition!

    Oh and congrats on job-sounds like a dream!

  2. hey, fantastic blog...was hoping you would link to one i write with my sisters?

  3. love to see this it, looks fab x