Saturday, April 16, 2011

Festival Fashion...What to Wear to a Music Festival...Part 1...

With Coachella starting yesterday and Glastonbury and Oxegen coming up in a few months its time to start planning your festival wardrobe. Now is the best time to start looking for things to wear as all the high summer wear is coming into stores at the min. With Slane on next month you can give your festival outfit a test drive! There are some things that you just always need to bring to a festival or outdoor event ie a hat and wellies! Straw trilby's are generally the hat of choice, but this year I am loving the wide brim hats we are seeing at the min (check out my previous post on wide brimmed hats here). Maybe not too wide brimmed or you will not be popular with the person standing behind you! :)
Hunter wellies are the brand of welly to be seen in, made popular by Miss Moss and gang. Some people don't agree with splashing out big bucks on a pair of wellies but I would rather pay €80+ on one good pair of wellies that will last than buying a new pair of wellies at €20 a pop for each festival and then ditching them in a field afterwards. Not my style and not very environmentally friendly. Last year I bought these Hunter Carnaby Boa and I have been looking for excuses to wear them ever since!

I could totally feel the difference and you pay for quality. The previous year I bought a cheap pair of wellies for €20 in Dunnes and my lower back hurt so much I couldn't wait to get home. I actually made excuses to hang around my tent. But with the Hunters I didn't have any back pain and I actually came back with calf muscles like rocks:) Here are some more cute wellies I picked out.

I think combat boots are a cute option too if you don't fancy wearing wellies. If you are lucky enough to be going to a festival where it is actually going to be dry and not a mud-fest, here are some really pretty flats from Topshop you could wear.

Check back for Part 2!

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