Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who's That Girl.....

Kim Sears

Like most people I am totally enthralled in Wimbledon and was so disappointed to see Andy Murray lose on Friday. Maybe for different reasons to most, I have a total girl crush on his girlfriend Kim Sears. She has that totally natural but polished look down to a tee. Her glossy hair is perfectly blowdryed for every game, her make up is light and she has that gorgeous honey hued tan that gives her that lovely outdoorsy glow. She is perfectly polished, even her outfits look carefree. I love her use of casual basics, blazers, shirts, straight jeans and ballet pumps to build her stylish Wimbledon outfits. And she can rock a pair of aviators! I love her Sloaney look. I think this is the year of the Sloaney, with the Middleton sisters rocking the look too. It might finally be the end of the Kate Moss, just rolled out of bed and haven't brushed my hair in a week look. Thank God!

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