Sunday, September 13, 2009

My darling, you are spoiling us...

So Christopher Kanes's new collection for Topshop launches this Friday! Overall this collection isn't really something I would wear, however this crocodile dress I WILL be buying, saw it previewed a month ago and just knew then and there I had to have it. It's £60 sterling which I think is reasonable for Topshop. And these mesh cutout shoes, I love them, I think they are retailing at £125 sterling, which is okay I suppose, bit pricey but they are so like last season's Stella McCartney sell outs! There is just so much black in this collection. I'm really not a fan of rivets on clothing which he has on mostly every piece, so for me this collection is a little bit of a let down, which I suppose is good because at least I won't max out my credit card wanting every piece! Some of the party dresses are cute, like this black one, but are just a bit too pricey for me at the minute. The crocodile dress and t-shirt save it for me, in my opinion these are statement Kane pieces! Looking forward to seeing if there will there be a Matthew Williamson for H&M style frenzy on Friday morning!


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  2. top shot is just great

  3. I already see a lot of people with the crocodile dress in nyc.