Friday, October 2, 2009

Poppy Love

Whilst trolling through the Sartorialist's pictures as I do daily, I was delighted to actually recognise someone in the photo's, enter Miss Poppy Delevigne. I personally love Poppy's look, and as many know she is a model. So I was pretty horrified by some of the comments that appeared regarding her thighs and hips as being of normal size! This girl is tiny, no wonder so many young women feel under pressure to be thin. "Normal size" is a UK 12 or 14, I am a healthy 8- 10 which is small for my height (5'9) and even I feel a bit uncomfrotable reading these comments cos I know there is no comparison between her hips and thighs and mine! :) She is absolutely beautiful and is perfect but I am so fed up of hearing what is "normal", especially when it comes to women's shapes and sizes. The Sartorialist shoots outfits and style, I don't think he ever expects his 'models' to be criticised! I wonder how Poppy must feel reading those comments, I know how I would! I know when I look at his shots, I never judge the person, or even think about them, I just appreciate their outfit or style. I wonder if this is the norm, or am I less critical and judgemental than most?? I know I am glad I am though, that bitterness would eat you up! I would love to hear opinions on this age old debate.

If you want to see more of Poppy's fabulous style and lifestyle, she is currently featured on ( which I am becoming addicted too, I love love love it...). I know I will be taking inspiration from this outfit, she has great London style!

photo:The Sartorialist


  1. for some real street fashion check out my blog. By the way I agree with you totally

  2. I think that whoever says that anything is wrong with her, they have flown off their rocker bc she is fab!

    ps: even if she was large, why are ppl so obsessed??? I mean really, women of all sizes are beautiful! I am proud of my size and I am far from 'model' size. I too appreciate the style that a person has and the personality on their look rather than a waist size.

  3. I just went to read the comments there and was expecting many more stupid reactions on her body shape. Obviously she looks very model-y but when it comes to street style pictures the body shape doesn't really guarantee a "good" look, it's all about dressing to flatter oneself's body shape.


  4. I totally agree! Besides, she seems to have a pretty thin waist, so with a tad wider hips it the most feminine combination!

  5. She is very thin, but Scott took a picture while she was walking, and her thigh looks bigger because it is flexed.

    If you look at any other picture or video ( you will see how thin she realy is :)