Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tomorrow is Sartorialist Day...

It is nearly Sartorialist Day as I have named it. Scott Schuman is having a book signing here in Dublin to promote his latest book and hopefully will be giving us a few words of advice! I never thought I would get the opportunity to sit in the same room as this man, especially in our lovely capital city! I am starting to get a bit nervous about tomorrow as I am going on my own and apparently it is going to be standing room only now, I was hoping it would be lovely and civilised and we would all be sitting down listening to some fantastic tales. Now I fear it is going to be full of posers and people who just want to be seen and have no interest at all! I am trying to come up with an outfit to wear tomorrow morning. Like seriously what do you wear to meet the Sartorialist??! I have already come up with some lovely outfits in my head, none of which I actually own, which of course is always the way! At this stage I think I know what I will probably be wearing but I just feel it is not amazing or glamorous enough for what I fear tomorrow is going to be, and I know I can do so much better with dressing :( Especially when it is probably my only chance ever to be photographed by him. I wonder will he find many subjects tomorrow that will appear on his blog, I know I am really excited to see that. And more importantly, will I be able to capture a few pictures of him :)


  1. I know!!!! I'm going to be completely on tod too. where did you hear it was only going to be poncey posers?? That'll be shite - lots of people who have only heard of him in the past week or two.

    Do you know I was thinking about that - what do you wear to meet this man - and I'd love to bring my camera to see what people will come up with - but personally I think that in itself is far too poncey (I won't have the balls)

    ok, well, if you are about and read this in time i'm either going to be the redhead in the green coat or the red head in the pinstripe jacket with silk on the sleeves. Or none of the above - I'm off to attack my wardrobe. but if I am in those please come over and say hi


  2. Good luck with meeting Scott. I've met him a few times during NYFW - he's an interesting guy.