Monday, May 17, 2010

My Hareem...

Hey guys, sorry I totally disappeared off the blogosphere over the past few weeks. My regular readers will know why! Anyhu I will fingers crossed officially be healed next week and will be out of this horrible contraption that I am currently in! My thoughts have turned to outfits I will be able to wear again! I have been really feeling hareem pants and I nearly passed out when I saw this picture of Gwen Stefani (the middle pic!) in this months Glamour. How cool does she look? I will definitely be taking hareem inspiration from her this summer. I couldn't find the picture on its own but when I was googling away this image from lala for fashion came up. Gwen totally rocks the hareem look and this is definitely the way to do it, always with heels! Unless you are a super-tall super-thin supermodel! Definitely go for hareem pants with a bit more structure, Topshop have some great styles. Or if you want to do a more sporty look, go with jersey. (",)_SequinsandBangles_xx

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